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Color Word Clip Cards, Set of 10, Dry erase, kindergarten
Color Word Clip Cards, Set of 10, Dry erase, kindergarten
Color Word Clip Cards, Set of 10, Dry erase, kindergarten
Color Word Clip Cards, Set of 10, Dry erase, kindergarten
Color Word Clip Cards, Set of 10, Dry erase, kindergarten
Color Word Clip Cards, Set of 10, Dry erase, kindergarten

Color Word Clip Cards, Set of 10, Dry erase, kindergarten

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Do you have a little one who is learning his/her color words? Need something to help them along that's both fun and convenient? ⭐️ Introducing Little Color Words by Little Lennons⭐️

These clip-and-go-anywhere, reusable color word cards have endless possibilities to encourage and engage your child in color word-centered activities (and they fit conveniently in your bag!).

Each 3x5in laminated, dry-erase color word card can be used to recognize the ten color sight words, trace color words, rainbow write color words, color each word the correct color, create color words with magnetic letters/beads/alphabet blocks, etc and learn to form the word using objects from around the house.

Use the provided dry erase utensil (you can choose a washable crayon, pencil or marker at checkout) to trace each color word while saying it out loud, then erase it away with the provided felt eraser and use them again! Children are more willing to try when they know mistakes can easily be wiped away!

⭐️ Another fun way to use these cards is with objects like play doh, fun foam, pipe cleaners, Wiki sticks, beads, cheerios or any other maneuverable object that your child can use to create the form of each letter. Roll out some play doh and have your child form each letter, encouraging a new way of looking at color words that will eventually lead to memorization of each word.

⭐️ Use the cards as flashcards on or off the ring to promote recognition
🌈 Use the cards to label objects around the house by color
🌈 Use the cards to create rainbow order

Blank cards have been included to practice writing the color words without help or guidance. Care instructions are also printed and included.

This is a set of twelve color words:
Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, black, brown, pink, gray, white

Each pack of clip cards is held together by a binder ring. This ring opens on a hinge, allowing the color word cards to easily be removed and allowing you to clip them to your purse or diaper bag for easy travel.

Take the cards with you to a restaurant, church, grandma's house, in the car, on a plane... they go where you go and keep your child engaged and quiet! The cards are also great for keeping your little one busy during quiet time at home or while mom makes dinner, helps older kids with homework or tends to a new baby. Great for families who homeschool too!

🍏 For busy book users, these fit right into your binder's canvas case! Take them anywhere you take your book as a secondary activity or pull out your canvas case and use it as a carrier 🙂

What you will receive:
🍏 13 (12 color words, 1 blank) 3x5in laminated cards with rounded corners
🍏 A hinged binder ring
🍏 A felt square eraser
🍏 A washable dry erase utensil (choose crayon, pencil or marker at checkout)
🍏 An elastic tie that can be wrapped around your writing utensil, keeping it handy and attached to your ring
🍏 Cards are printed on heavy card stock
🍏 Cards are laminated with 10mil laminate, making them strong, durable and easy to clean
🍏 A "New Ways to Play" print out that gives parents several alternative ways to use the cards
🍏 Suggested ways to use and clean your cards

Choose your own background! Pictures of available backgrounds are in the listing photos and are numbered and labeled. Choose your background from the drop down menu. Backgrounds can not be mixed, only one can be used per card set.

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Little Lennons Little Color Word Cards are ©Little Lennons LLC 2018 and are for personal use only

Alphabet Graphics provided by Marcelle's KG Zone

Materials: binder ring, cardstock, 10mil laminate, felt eraser square, elastic tie to keep crayon handy, New Ways to Play list, professional grade laminator, dry erase washable utensil.